Stories from the Cores

Stories from the Cores

A suite of short, interactive educational experiences designed and developed for museum exhibits.

Learn about the Megafloods, the Dark Matter Biosphere and what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs through science.

I created Stories from the Cores for my clients at Ceisel and Associates. It is a suite of three mini-games that were developed in a year using Unreal Engine. Some assets were purchased, but I created all the hero content myself. For a more complete breakdown and a chance to take a look at individual assets, visit my Artstation. The games are touch screen compatible and are localized to Spanish. Along with the exhibited version, I created optimized versions that can be played on lower computers. The game is playable on PC and MAC.


Game Trailer

This is a video preview of the exhibit, In search of Earth's Secrets. The kiosk for Stories from the Cores is viewable here.

A collection of screenshots from the game.

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